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At Refuge and Hope, we are working hard at becoming more sustainable as an organization. In order to do this, we have developed some of our missions to fold into functional business. This not only creates practical skills training, but also creates employment opportunities for those that desire to remain part of the programs. Hope Unlimited is the umbrella for many Mission as Business programs, but our most well known are Sewing Hope and Taste of Hope. 

Taste of Hope

Taste of Hope is a breakfast home delivery business that launched in March of 2015 as an income revenue-generating initiative for refugee ladies that excelled in our cooking and entrepreneur training programs.  
In the fall of 2015, Taste of Hope expanded to include a snack bar, serving our students tasty local baked and fried treats during break times.

In addition to baking tasty treats and breakfast items, our employees are responsible for managing the kitchen, customers, finances, and all other aspects of the business.

On top of pursuing their business dreams, these ladies are now earning a living wage so they can better support themselves and their families. A Taste of Hope currently employs five former students.

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Sewing Hope

Sewing Hope is a sustainable business venture under Refuge and Hope International.  Sewing Hope strives to empower vulnerable refugee women by providing training, employment, and mentoring in a safe and nurturing environment. Having mastered the art and skill of sewing, women employed at Sewing Hope use local African fabric to make a variety of items including toys, bags, and home decor. These items can be purchased on site or at local craft markets and sales events. Custom made products are also available for order. Sewing Hope is empowering refugee women with life skills and income so they can support themselves and their families.

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