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Center of Hope

The Center of Hope is where English as a second language (ESL), computer, bible, and general knowledge are taught to refugees and people displaced by war and conflict. The COH mainly focuses on adults from the age of 15 years old to around 60 years old. We serve students from South Sudan, Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Uganda. With an increase in children under the age of 15 years old, we started a children’s program called YCE (Youth Continuing with Education) that offers ESL, mathematics, social studies, and science to cater for the youth and children who will hopefully be able to join the Ugandan system of education. 

Impact Ministries

Impact Ministries is a supplemental program aimed at further empowering men and women with tools and resources to enhance and develop sustainable skills in addition to the ones they have attained at the Language Center. The program also helps urban refugee children by offering a safe space that compliments their ESL learning with various activities to enable them to recover from the effects of war and conflict. In addition, the program equips these children with the tools and capacity to thrive as they grow and prepare to be WORLD CHANGERS in their homes and communities. Our focus is to enable them to Live, Learn, and Lead through helping them discover their potential and developing it, discipling them, and directing them to live a purposeful life whether they stay here or move to another place.

I Go The Mile

The goal of IGM is to equip refugees and non-refugee youth with spiritual development, social, vocational, professional, and leadership skills that will unlock their potential to rebuild their lives, realize self-sufficiency, and become a catalyst for change.



We all know sports are an important part of life. The physical activity involved promotes good health both for the body and the mind. We hope to empower our beneficiaries through sports as a tool that can help them LIVE by increasing their emotional well-being and psychological resilience, help them LEARN by equipping them with the necessary tools to enhance their capacity to become self-reliant and self-sufficient, and help them LEAD as they are mentored to become trained leaders of change in their own communities.

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