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To meet refugee's needs, Refuge and Hope has two full-time social workers who minister to refugee families and individuals in crisis situations. Such situations may include medical emergencies, domestic violence, abuse, protection issues, and lack of access to basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter.

Our social workers are trained to support individuals and families by providing counseling, prayer, and access to needed emergency services. Additionally, we are able to refer refugees to partner agencies that provide the specific services they require through our referral network.  

Refuge and Hope provides counseling to those students experiencing emotional trauma as a result of war, conflict, political and religious persecution. Our counselors focus on helping students experience emotional healing so they can reconcile their pasts and begin rebuilding their futures.

Emergency Social Services
It is not uncommon for our students to require additional assistance outside of our standard programs, particularly unaccompanied minors and single mothers who lack family support and often end up in highly vulnerable situations.

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