At Refuge and Hope International we embrace and serve people of all religious beliefs and backgrounds. As a faith-based NGO, spiritual development is a foundational block of all our programs, however we do not tolerate disrespect for another’s religious belief. 

On average, more than half of our student body is non-Christian.  Thus, we are in a unique position to bring the hope and healing found in Christ to hundreds of people who have experienced trauma or have not had the opportunity to learn about Jesus. 

Our educational curricula include religious studies that teach students the basics of the Bible. Students are encouraged to explore the Bible and their own beliefs and to come to their own conclusions about both. 

Students interested in learning more about Jesus or deepening their existing faith are encouraged to participate in one of our Spiritual Development Programs. 

Join us in making a real difference.


Worship matters to God. Sometimes worship can do what our words never could.

Once a week we host an evening gathering open to all staff and students who want to worship, fellowship and pray together.


Advanced English students who are interested in studying the Bible in English are invited to participate in our Inductive Bible Study Program, a more advanced program where students read Bible passages, participate in deep discussions about them and receive further teaching.  The program uses a methodical approach where students are taught to observe scriptural passages, interpret them and apply the lessons and principles taught to their own lives.


This optional program is open to students who would like to learn more about Biblical principles and Jesus. Through the program, students are encouraged to explore the Bible in a safe and supportive environment. The aim of the program is to empower students to read and understand Scripture so they can apply it to their own lives.


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