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Great Escape is the American branch of our refugee experience race.

War, conflict, and political or religious persecution force people to flee their homes, often with little more than the clothes on their backs. They may travel many days, or even hundreds of miles, before reaching a safe environment.

Through this event, we hope participants and organizers will experience a small taste of refugees’ struggles as they compete in teams and work together to overcome the distance and unexpected obstacles along the way. 

Event organizers are encouraged to select 4-7 mile routes along with a number of obstacles designed to reflect the challenges refugees may encounter as they flee. A list of obstacles is available to event organizers. However, organizers may opt to create their own obstacles and challenges, especially where environments allow for more creativity (e.g. settings with bodies of water and areas conducive to mountain climbing, canoeing, biking, etc.)

Get Involved

If you are interested in participating in the Ugandan Home Run Event, contact or contact +256-781-699872

If you are interested in hosting a Great Escape Event, contact us at for additional event and promotional materials. 


Home Run is the Ugandan branch of our refugee experience race. This event takes place in Kampala, Uganda. 


With the increase of refugees in Uganda over the years, Refuge and Hope International saw it important to create awareness about the plight of refugees to their host community, most of whom did not understand the whole refugee plight.


In 2015 we developed a charitable run called The Great Escape/ Homerun Obstacle Course Race which is geared to spread awareness on the plight of refugees through an Obstacle Course run and to also raise funds to empower the refugees we work with at our center in Kiwafu area, Kansanga. The obstacles are tailor made to mimic experiences or situations the refugees go through, and the participants during the run are in the shoes of a refugee. At the end of the run, we hope the participants have a better understanding of the refugee situation and this will propel them to have a heart and desire to treat refugees differently and also take part in empowering them.

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